Dynamics CRM 2015 – The Under Operator

Advanced Find now includes two new operators which work in conjunction with the new hierarchies feature in Dynamics CRM 2015. These operators are called “Under” and “Not Under” and can be used when querying lookup fields in Advanced Find.


I have currently set up the Users in our CRM system such that the Manager for each user has been specified. This builds a user hierarchy in the system so we can easily see who reports to who. Let’s assume we have an organisational structure where there are multiple managers at different levels.


It would be a tricky in previous versions of CRM if I wanted to build a query to show everyone who sat below Bob Jones. In CRM 2015, I can simply use the “Under” operator to find these people.


Running this query gives me everyone who sits below Bob Jones, whether they are a direct relationship with that record or not.



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