Dynamics CRM 2015 for Outlook Configuration Wizard

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 introduces a new Configuration Wizard for the Outlook Client. The process is pretty much the same as previous versions of Dynamics CRM, however the screens have been simplified and the process has been made much easier when choosing to download the client from the CRM web application.

When you login to CRM, you will notice a yellow bar across the top of the screen which asks you if you wish to download CRM for Outlook.


Clicking on this button now displays some useful information which makes it a lot easier for general users to configure the client. Previously it was difficult to remember the correct URL to use when configuring the client, but we can now use the Discovery Service URL, Organization URL, or simply the URL of the deployment. Notice how the URL is provided for us, and we can simply click on the Copy button so we can use the URL during the configuration stage.


Another new feature is that we are immediately prompted to start the download from within CRM and we are no longer redirected to the Microsoft Download Center.


When you run the Configuration Wizard, the first screen you will see will give you the option to enter the URL for your CRM deployment. For example, if CRM is installed on a server called “CRMSVR”, you would simply type http://CRMSVR into the address box, or paste the link that you copied earlier. Alternatively, you can pick CRM Online from the drop-down list for the online offering.


After entering the address for an on-premise deployment, you are then asked to select an organization to connect to. The organizations are displayed in a drop-down-list.


Choose an organization and then click on Select.


If you selected CRM Online, you are asked to enter your credentials.


That’s all there is to it. There are a few things to note about the installation and configuration stage. You now have to restart your computer after installing Dynamics CRM for Outlook. Also, you cannot launch the Configuration Wizard until you have set up an e-mail account inside Outlook.


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