CRM 2013 Release Candidate – Fixed User Profile Images

I previously blogged about the new profile picture feature for user accounts in Dynamics CRM 2013. However, there was an issue with the beta preview where the image on the navigation bar was not updated to the photo you have uploaded.


Microsoft has just released the Release Candidate version of CRM 2013 which addresses this issue.. After setting your image, the placeholder image on the navigation bar is now updated.




4 thoughts on “CRM 2013 Release Candidate – Fixed User Profile Images”

  1. I also had a issue where my image didn’t display in the Nav area and I found that since our organisation name and display name where not the same (which seems to cause this problem), I changed the display name to match the schema name of the organisation.

    It doesn’t seem to have any impact on our CRM environment… but I strongly recommend testing this in a secured environment first!

    Here is a short guide on how to do this:

    On the CRM Server, open the CRM Deployment Manager.
    Navigate to “Organizations” to display the organizations.
    Disable the organization with the display name you want to change.
    Now you can edit the Organization and enter the desired organization “display name”
    Confirm with “Next”, wait for the system checks to finish, click “Next” again and confirm your changes with “Apply”.
    Re-enable the organization.

    This worked for me, and the user profile picture is now shown in the navigation bar.

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