Dynamics CRM CSS Web Resources in Visual Studio 2013

Microsoft has released some great new features with Visual Studio 2013 that is guaranteed to please Dynamics CRM developers. At Build 2013, Scott Hanselman and Mads Kristensen showcased some time-saving shortcuts that will surely help developers focus on their coding and get their jobs done faster. Please note that some of these features are made available through the Web Essentials 2013 extension, but may be released as part of the Visual Studio 2013 final product.

The CSS editor in Visual Studio 2013 provides some useful tooltips when you hover over CSS code. For example, the screenshot below shows what happens when you hover over a snippet of code in your CSS library. The CSS editor displays a tooltip which indicates that the current piece of CSS is supported by all browsers.


Tooltips are also provided when hovering over image paths defined in tags such as background-image. The CSS editor displays the image in a tooltip from inside the CSS editor!


The enhancements made to the CSS editor will greatly benefit Dynamics CRM developers who are writing CSS for their HTML web resources. With the new cross-browser support in Dynamics CRM, developers can easily identify which snippets of CSS code are likely to break.


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